Communicable Disease Prevention Plan

Creating a safe, healthy, and amazing experience is our top priority!  We implement protocols that adhere to the orders and mandates set forth by WorkSafe BC, BCCDC, Registered Massage Therapy Board and Fraser Health we will not compromise on these orders or mandates and have been very grateful on how respectful our guests have been during this season.

How does this look when you visit our spa:

First we ask you to reschedule your appointment, providing us with 24 hours notice is ideal, but we understand a virus can hit us unexpectedly so please still give us a call to cancel.

Please change your appointment date if you have had close contact with a test positive person or anyone who has been unwell, allow 14 days from the date of contact with this person to pass.

If you are feeling cold or virus symptoms please reschedule.  Call us at 604-557-0500 to cancel or reschedule your appointment, thank you.

Our Spa Environment:

  • Masks when mandated by our governing authorities are worn at all times, your therapist will guide you on how to manage them during your treatments.
  • Hand cleanliness – we have sanitizer placed around the spa and encourage its use but a good 20 second hand wash with soap is still the best line of defense.
  • Upon arrival our Reception team member will direct you to our staircase to head up and wait for a Guest Services team member to help you.  If you require elevator assistance please let our Reception team member know and they will have someone assist you.
  • At Guest Services we ask our Guests to sign in confirming you will provide your therapist with current health or skin care needs relevant to your treatment.  If new to the spa we will ask you to complete a questionnaire possibly two depending on the service.
  • Robe and sandals are provided for body & facial care.  If you are booked in for waxing or nail care a robe is optional.
  • Early arrival is important to ensure you are prepared, relaxed and waiting in our lounge for your service to begin, depending on your service an average of 15 minutes prior is best.
  • Ladies Lounge has a steam room and showers for their use prior to and after their service.  Men’s lounge has a sauna and shower for their use prior to and after their service.
  • Each lounge has touchless water stations that can provide cold water as well as hot water for a tea to enjoy while you wait and oranges for a refreshing snack again we encourage early arrival to make use of these amenities.

As you can appreciate our therapists see many guests throughout a week.  There are many virus’s beyond COVID each season and we have always upheld a careful standard to reduce their spread.  Regardless of mandates we will continue to practice touch disinfecting and extraordinary practices to prevent their spread.  This COVID journey has taught us that close contact is the number one cause of spread which is why we will continue using masks during some of our treatments.  We do hope that the mandates will be lifted and guests can “choose” to mask or not to mask.  And we truly appreciate how cooperative you have all been during these seasons.


We hope we have answered all your concerns regarding COVID and safety please do not hesitate to give us a call for any further information.

To reserve a time with us please call 604-557-0500 – once your reservation is confirmed if you cannot keep your commitment please give us a call and we will happily reschedule to a time better suited to your life.  24 hours cancellation notice allows us time to book the time that was reserved for you.  Not cancelling an appointment may result in a 50% cost of treatment charge to your account.